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Barnes & Barnes – Kodovoner

One score and two years ago, brothers Art & Artie Barnes, put forth onto this planet a new album. An album forged in righteousness and purpose. An album created to stir the better qualities that lay dormant within all mankind. Well… that album never came out for one reason or another, UNTIL NOW. That’s right! […]

Barnes & Barnes – Spazchow

Welcome to Spazchow, the second Barnes and Barnes album, originally released on Rhino Records in November, 1981. Spazchow means “to suffer at the hands of women and make music.” The vast majority of the songs are bittersweet odes to the women in their lives, past and present, who were consuming their thoughts. Spazchow is a […]

Barnes & Barnes – Amazing Adult Fantasy

“Amazing Adult Fantasy” is Bill Mumy’s favorite Barnes and Barnes album and we are proud to re-release it for the first time on CD with 8 bonus tracks! Originally released in 1984, it’s a unique melding of all styles Barnes-like. There’s some great kick ass 80’s rock on this album, from the opening track, “Learn […]