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Barnes & Barnes – Amazing Adult Fantasy

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Barnes & Barnes – Amazing Adult Fantasy



“Amazing Adult Fantasy” is Bill Mumy’s favorite Barnes and Barnes album and we are proud to re-release it for the first time on CD with 8 bonus tracks! Originally released in 1984, it’s a unique melding of all styles Barnes-like. There’s some great kick ass 80’s rock on this album, from the opening track, “Learn to Kiss the Enemy”, it was clear Barnes and Barnes wanted to make sure their audience knew there was more to them than “Fish Heads”. But fear not novelty music fans, there’s plenty of quirky lyrics here that will bring a chuckle to the most hardened brain. This album is full of great songs, unique production and it’s even occasionally fun to dance to! Featuring guest appearances by: Steve Perry of Journey, America, Wild Man Fischer, jazz saxophonist George Englund, German artist Annerose Bucklers and even a ghost! Cover by the legendary comic book great, Spider Man co-creator Steve Ditko! Amazing Adult Fantasy is truly an amazing album! Yeah.

Learn To Kiss The Enemy
Don’t You Wanna Go To The Moon
Modern Romantic Point Of View
Nothing Funny
I Don’t Remember Tomorrow
Life Is Safer When You’re Sleeping
Don’t Be Singer
I Want To Live In Your Brain
ZZ Top Beard
Music Doesn’t Matter
The Little Man
Music Spazchow
You Can’t Escape Your Destiny
Bang Bang

Bonus Tracks:
The Quiet Point
Walk My Dog
Life Is Harsh Reality
The Ballad Of Jim Joy
The Little Man (Original Version)
Loch Ness Lady
O Me Oh My
The Inevitable Song (Second Version)



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