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Roger Manning – Catnip Dynamite

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Roger Manning – Catnip Dynamite

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Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. could easily achieve world domination if he decided to do so. For the past 20 years, he has infiltrated television sets, radio airwaves, films and dancefloors worldwide. Fortunately there are not any hidden messages provoking anarchy – just an enjoyable display of Roger’s talent. On February 3, 2009, he will unleash his latest solo endeavor, Catnip Dynamite, on Oglio Records/Franklin Castle.
Many are familiar with Roger’s work through such original group endeavors as Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, The Moog Cookbook and TV Eyes. Roger has also assisted artists like Beck and Air both in the studio and in live performances. He has worked as a keyboardist, vocalist, arranger and songwriter in a more behind the scenes capacity with hundreds of artists from Johnny Cash to Paris Hilton and on films such as “Lost In Translation” and “Team America.” With his most recent appearances on forthcoming records from Morrissey, Glen Campbell and Cheap Trick, Roger has also served as a remixer who has reworked the songs of everyone from Felix Da Housecat to Henry Mancini.
Catnip Dynamite does a great job of referring back to a rich heritage of former eras of pop music – but then catapults it into the future. Make sure to rock out the three bonus live tracks on the US release which includes a cover of the Thomas Dolby track “Europa and the Pirate Twins,” a raucous live version of Roger’s previously released track “You Were Right” and an epic cover of Elton John’s “Love Lies Bleeding.”
Check the infectious track “Down In Front” which musically touches on the early ‘70s British scene when artists like Sparks and Alvin Stardust ruled the airwaves. “I’ve always found great power and joy from rock that was still tough and happy,” says Roger. “Down In Front is in celebration musically of AM radio where long-haired tough rock n’ rollers weren’t scared to make a track that was happy but still kicked ass.”
Kicking ass is right. Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. might just achieve world domination – of the world of pop, that is.

The Quickening
Love’s Never Half As Good
Down In Front
My Girl
Imaginary Friend
Haunted Henry
Tinsel Town
The Turnstile at Heaven’s Gate
Survival Machine
Living in End Times
Drive Thru Girl

Bonus Tracks – Live From Fuji Rock, Japan
Europa and the Pirate Twins
You Were Right
Love Lies Bleeding



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