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Jackie Martling – Come Again

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Jackie Martling – Come Again



“Come Again?,” is a collection of the very best of The Joke Man’s six Original Red Hot, Wild, and Mild Talking Joke Book Cassettes. It includes Jackies song, FOOLS GOLD as it was re-recorded for the soundtrack of the Palisades Pictures film “Rules For Men” (in which you can also see JM as low-life lawyer, Larry Lawton.)

Lids & Lads
Ghosts & Gunk
Guzzlers & Gringos
Dopes & Danglers
Bags & Beasts
Jilters & Jerkers
Squawkers & Salamis
Superiors & Stuffers
Potions & Preachers
Sewers & Swiggers
Pissers & Parkers
Sippers & Soakers
Mobsters & Monarchs
Fools & The Faithful
Callers & Coaxers
Bunnies & Blockers
Smilers & Swatters
Wankers & Wipers
Cheaters & Chompers
Shoppers & Sisters
Fools Gold



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