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Craig Gass – The Worst Comedy Show Ever

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Craig Gass – The Worst Comedy Show Ever

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Filmed last summer at Dave’s of Milton Lounge and Comedy Club, a burned out but beloved hole-in-the-wall located (well) outside of Seattle, Washington, where scores of stand-up comics have gone for decades to test their material on the easily amused and endlessly-forgiving blue collar patrons. Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready has a hilarious cameo on the DVD and Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney lend their fractured personalities to several news blackouts on the CD, hearkening back George Carlin’s post-‘60s hippy-dippy weatherman.

You can choose from the Deluxe CD+DVD Package that includes both a CD and DVD for the low price of $15; the DVD Package that includes the same full length DVD for just $10; or the HD or SD Digital Video Download for the amazing low price of $5 each!


Deluxe CD+DVD Package – $15
Standard DVD Package – $10
High Definition Video Download – $5
Standard Definition Video Download – $5
High Quality Audio Download (WAV) – $5
Standard Quality Audio Download (MP3) – $5

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