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Bigbang – Edendale CD

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Bigbang – Edendale CD


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“I know the name is kinda cheesy, but these guys are from Norway, they don’t know English very well, but they are great trust me!” – Hakim (in the men’s room at Three of Clubs in Hollywood right before our second show in L.A. I was there too, my back facing the conversationalists.)
I used to skate for about six hours everyday, and when skateboarding started to feel wrong (due to badly performed knee surgery and the slow death of vert-skating) I called up my sponsors and had them stop the shipments of boards, baggy pants, trucks and wheels. At about the same time I had started going to Forsøksgymnaset in Oslo, a very alternative school were the only thing the students had in common was that they didn’t really belong anywhere else. I met Christer there and we founded BigBang with second cousin Erik on Bass.

Play Louder
Call Me
Swedish Television
Freeway Flowers
Bag of Leaves
To The Max
Head Over Heels
Now Is Not A Good Time
One Step At A Time
Something Special
Wild Bird (Live)



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