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Naked Eyes – Fumbling With The Covers

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Naked Eyes – Fumbling With The Covers


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Pete Byrne decided that the best course of action was to start where it had all begun all those years ago back in Bath. “I had the title, I went out and got a guitar, then with guitar and title in hand, went looking for the songs that inspired me to be in a band in the first place.” That brings us to where we are at today, you’ll be able to experience “Fumbling With The Covers,” a ten-song collection that has really been the result of a very long and unpredictable journey…

When The Lights Go Out
Rocket Man
You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
Cry Baby Cry
Promises Promises
Man Out of Time
Sad Lisa
King Bee
Little Wing
Always Something There To Remind Me



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