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Palmdale – Get Wasted

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Palmdale – Get Wasted


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Palmdale is the “nom de rock” adopted by Kay Hanley and
Linus Of Hollywood as they embarked on a new song writing venture in the summer of 2009.
Kay Hanley is the former lead singer of Boston alt-pop band, Letters To Cleo. Since the band’s split in 2000, Kay has released 3 solo recordings and has provided songs and vocals for many film and TV projects, including Josie + The Pussycats.
Multi-instrumentalist Linus Of Hollywood has an eclectic resume that began as the frontman for the influential pop/punk band Size 14. Since then, Linus has released 5 solo albums, started the Franklin Castle label and is a co-owner in the Crappy Records label with Oglio’s Carl Caprioglio and Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick) and has built a career as producer/songwriter, working with a diverse roster of artists (Bowling For Soup, Puff Daddy, Charlatans UK and Cheap Trick to name a few).
Long time fans of one another’s work, Linus and Kay became acquainted while active participants in Los Angeles’ thriving music community and decided to combine forces. Originally, their collaboration was intended to produce pop songs that other artists would record, but that idea was quickly scrapped when the music began to take on a cohesive sound and depth. They kept the material for themselves, tweaked the focus and continued writing. The two began recording the songs in fall/winter of 2009 as Palmdale and have gone on to release two EP’s, Get Wasted and How To Be Mean.



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