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Barnes & Barnes – Kodovoner

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Barnes & Barnes – Kodovoner


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One score and two years ago, brothers Art & Artie Barnes, put forth onto this planet a new album. An album forged in righteousness and purpose. An album created to stir the better qualities that lay dormant within all mankind. Well… that album never came out for one reason or another, UNTIL NOW. That’s right! At last, Barnes and Barnes have assembled and made ready for release, their often rumored, never heard, “Kodovoner” album! Inspired by the great Brian Wilson and the completion of his legendary “SmiLE” project, Barnes and Barnes have finally made “Kodovoner” available and it has been worth the wait. (Or not. You decide). Featuring guest appearances by Gerry Beckley & Dewey Bunnell (America), a co-lead vocal by Shaun Cassidy, (Mr. Cassidy has left the building), Jethro Tull drummer Doane Perry and legendary rock percussionist Mike Baird, “Kodovoner” sounds like no other B&B project. This unique, long considered lost album includes a song co-written by Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh. “Kodovoner” has been expanded from it’s original 15 songs to now include literally all the tracks they wrote during this period that at one time or another were intended for this long lost bold and friendly Barnes & Barnes album. 24 tracks! 80 minutes of quirky Lumanian rock from Barnes and Barnes. Yeah!

Soak It Up
Before You Leave (Positive Life)
Monkey Life
A Wave For Brian Wilson
Fighting The Demon
So Bold
Superman Will Save The Day
Scary Love
Girl Of My Dreams
I Got A Job
Don’t Fuck Up The World
Suburban Obscurity
Code of Honor
Bonus Tracks:
A Power Play
Positive Life #2
Fox Hole
Lies And Spies
Ripen And Rot
If You Hurt No One
Pay For Your Ticket
Everything You Do
Honorable Mention



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