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Kurt Baker – Rockin’ For A Living CD

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Kurt Baker – Rockin’ For A Living CD


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When looking at what drives Kurt’s musical passion, he can pinpoint the second his life was changed by music. “The first record I ever loved was “Rubber Soul” by the Beatles. I must have been 5 years old when my uncle played me his cassette tape in his gigantic van as we drove through the rolling hills of Wisconsin. I’ll never forget the feeling that I felt when I first heard the opening chords of “Drive My Car” and the rockin’ shuffle of “The Word”.. even the melodic 12 string intro of Harrison’s “If I Needed Someone” hit me as something totally new and foreign. The songs in “Rubber Soul” just struck something in me.. it was exciting, and almost indescribable. I finally felt like I understood something.”

Rockin’ For A Living – Track Listing:
1. Just Forget About It
2. Don’t Steal My Heart Away
3. Can’t Have Her Back
4. Kiss Me
5. Why You Gotta Lie?
6. The Problem



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