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Ogden Edsl – Mower of The Ogden Edsl

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Ogden Edsl – Mower of The Ogden Edsl


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American national syndicated radio personality Dr. Demento said “Here at long last is the first-ever Ogden Edsl CD with the original Dead Puppies plus the group’s other huge Demented hits Kinko The Clown and Daddy’s Money, and some new ones that might be Ogden Edsl’s best yet, along with long available delights from two decades of inspired musical madness.” This is a great comedy record. You have to hear it to believe it!

Daddy’s Money
Laughin’ Blues
Only White People Dance Like That
Beautiful But Boring
Soap Opera Love
Rap Yodeler
Accidental Love
They Don’t Want You At The Wedding
Kinko The Clown
Kinko’s Party
You’re Looking More Like Edith Piaf Every Day
The Fish People Of Berodenon
Dancing At The Rainbow Ball
Idi Amin Meets Eydie Gorme
My Face Is Covered With Hummingbirds
Dead Puppies
The World Is Gone



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