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Robby Glants – Secrets of Hockey Speed V1

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Robby Glants – Secrets of Hockey Speed V1


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From North America to Europe, Robby Glantz continues to be hockey’s most requested skating instructor. His innovative methods for teaching the foundations for speed are used by players at all levels— from youth hockey to the pros. Now these same techniques are available to you in Secrets of Hockey Speed Volume 1…the first video to truly detail the step-by-step methods that will generate top speed. And with demonstrations from NHL stars Steve Duchesne and Tony Granato, easy-to-grasp terminology, and creative camera angles, you are sure to learn what it takes to attain that extra step you have always been looking for. Here are just a few highlights:
The How-to Guide for Faster Skating, Part 1

Breakdown of all stride techniques
Backwards skating movement
How to increase your stride
Acceleration while turning
Edgework and counterbalancing
Explode in your starts
Plus, much more!M

Robby Glantz conducts hockey schools throughout North America and Europe. Pro teams he has worked with include the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings and Atlanta Thrashers, Malmo weden, Berlin Preussen, as well as the German National Teams



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