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Jackie Martling – Sgt Pecker

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Jackie Martling – Sgt Pecker


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My second CD, Sgt. Pecker, was recorded in 1995 at “Chuckles,” in Mineola, one of the three original Long Island comedy clubs.
Growing out of Long Island’s first actual comedy show, produced by me & Richie Minervini at “Cinnamon,” a restaurant in Huntington, in 1979, were Richie Minervini’s “The East Side Comedy Club,” Jackie Martling’s “Governor’s Comedy Shop,” and Jim Myers “Chuckles.” On stage at Chuckles I ad-libbed a lot of the lines that are still with me every show.

I love the very end. The CD closes with a classic motorcycle joke that I had repaired many years earlier. I’ll explain that and ramble on a lot more about my second Oglio CD Sgt. Pecker on my blogalicious with Red Peters.

After a few days of telemarketing this CD, selling lots because as part of my radio deal Howard Stern said the number twice a day to millions of listeners, West Telemarketing called and told us they were dropping the product because their little old ladies in Omaha who answered the phones refused to say “pecker.” I swear.

I announced on the air the next day that it was the last day the CD would be available by phone, and we sold 20,000. Far & away our best sales day ever. Quintessential good new, bad news.
– Jackie Martling

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