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Jingle Smells – Smelly Holidays

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Jingle Smells – Smelly Holidays



Jingle Smells says it all. This third installment from the Pull My Finger crowd is in a class by itself (you’ll understand). Just picture family and friends gathered ’round the Christmas tree “singing” along with this CD (whew, someone open a window). The CD includes all of your holiday favorites, “enhanced” with trouser trumpets and wind instruments and will have you rolling on the floor and gasping for air.

The 12 Farts of Xmas
We Wish You A Smelly Xma
Oh Gassy Tree
Soil The Halls
Stinky Dreidel
Silent Butt Deadly Night
We Wish You A Smelly Xmas (a cappella)
Smells To The World
Jingle Smells (a cappella)
Sugarplum Farties
Soil The Halls (a cappella)
Auld Gas Sine
Farts Under The Mistletoe (Exclusive track)



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