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Majors for Minors

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Majors for Minors



At conception of our series of music, we carried out a great deal of research in understanding exactly how certain types of classical music stimulate brain development. Through understanding the process involved, we went on to develop our own “Unique Formula”, consisting of a number of “Key Ingredients” that effectively used together, produced this special of classical music.

Lullaby 3:14
The Cho Cho Train 3:18
Hopping And Galloping 3:14
Sarie Marais (Is A Girls Name) 3:17
Fun On The Farm Dam 3:05
The Blue Blue Mountains 3:18
The Old Folks Dancing 3:03
From Desert To Wine Land 3:20
The Land Of Make Believe 3:20
Birds Singing In The Wind 3:18
Baby Starts To Yawn 3:28
The Wisdom Of Age Father Jacob (Frere Jacques) 3:19
Songs From An African Farm 3:18
The Last Dance 3:22
Good Night 3:32



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