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Margo Guryan – Take A Picture

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Margo Guryan – Take A Picture



Margo Guryan’s 1968 album “Take a Picture” completely remastered with 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Beautiful digipak with 12-page full color booklet which includes lyrics and biographical info, as well as liner notes from current artists and journalists.

Routinely selling for huge sums of money on the vinyl market and making its way into the collections of pop fanatics as far afield as Japan, Take a Picture has taken on a dynamic life of its own since its 1968 release, especially for an album that went relatively unheard at the time. It is not difficult to figure out what all the retroactive acclaim is about once you hear the sweet, delicate strain of gently kaleidoscopic music on the sole album from Margo Guryan. It is the soft pop of which gauzy dreams are made, full of the hazy changes and transitory variations of autumn, an album that you invariably want to wrap up in.

Sunday Morning
Love Songs
Don’t Go Away
Take A Picture
What Can I Give You
Think Of Rain
Can You Tell
Someone I Know



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