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MC Lars – Twenty-Three EP (With Video)

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MC Lars – Twenty-Three EP (With Video)


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21 Concepts (But a Hit Ain’t One)” was begun in the summer 2004 and completed in
the winter of 2010. The album’s title comes from a track called “21 Concepts” from
the 2006 release “the Graduate” in which I rapped about twenty-one left-of-center
lyric ideas. “The songwriting process is a lot like Tetris,” I say whenever I play the
song live, “sometimes you’ve got to stack up your writer’s blocks.” – MC Lars, January 2011

Child’s Play (featuring Beefy)
Scientology = WTF?
Shvensen Fitzlogik (featuring HardNox)
Single and Famous (featuring K.Flay)
Reaping Beauty (featuring Beefy, Random, Tina Root & SMP)
The Lint Song
Gary the Green-Nosed Reindeer
My Biochemical Terrorist Romance
Everyone’s a Little Bit Gay
Hot Girls Make Guys Do Really Stupid Things
Buddhism for Dummies
That’s CPR
Geeked Out
The Bonus Track for Japan (featuring Ashley Jade)
Something Wicca This Way Comes
It’s a Latin Thing
Rock Star
Cry Tonight (Acoustic) (featuring Hearts that Hate)
Nerdcore Died (featuring Random)



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