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David Pack – Unborn

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David Pack – Unborn



David’s “Unborn” CD is being released for the first time in the United States with a new bonus track. It is subtitled “Unreleased, Unrefined, Songs in the Raw 1985-1995” and represents David’s favorite unreleased songs from the past.

Each song has an interesting history and evolution that is outlined in the extensive liner notes. The title “Unborn” David says: “evolved from the songwriter point of view, that songs are like our children–and those that haven’t been released are like our unborn children…this is a very personal collection”.

The US version contains an extra track not found on the Japanese version and improved packaging. All for much less than the going rate for the Japanese import.

Tomorrow And Forever
Natalie’s Song (In Memory of Natalie Wood)
Deliver Me
Light My World
U Make Love New
Sacred Love
N 2 Deep
All 2 Real
I Love U Enough (To Tell You Goodbye)
Cool Down
The Last Time You Cry (Won’t Be)
Future Glory



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