Jean Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman – Happy Electropop Music Machine


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“Over the last 50 years of the 20th Century, the world has been in such turmoil. Today, more than ever, Mankind continues to face so many negative influences. So, many years ago, I decided to make it my musical mission composing ‘Happy Music For Smiles and Laughs’ to contribute by bringing more optimism, humor and faith in the future to all my brothers and sisters of this planet” – Jean-Jacques Perrey
The Happy Electropop Music Machine is the new Jean-Jacques Perrey/Dana Countryman collaboration. This project is an insanely happy instrumental collection of original tunes which also includes a handful of melodies by other composers. Using classic “Moog” style analog synthesizers, as well as acoustic instruments, the CD is styled to be very retro, and very happy!

Atomic Twist
Pizzicato Samba
Cosmic Cowboys And Indians<
Edith Von Aachenburg (In Memory of Edith Piaf)
The Whistling Cosmonauts
The Typewriter
Harry’s Rag
Hernando’s Hideaway/Tico Tico
The Good Old Days
Chicken On The Rocks
Forever Moog (In Memory of Robert Moog)
The Stars And Stripes Forever
Troll’s Story
Morning Theme
The Gate of Thule
The Arrival of the Queen
Triumphant Return of the Adventurers
The Queen’s Minuet
Furioso Disco
Furioso Disco (Bran Flakes Remix)